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Midwest Environmental Services, Inc.

Protecting Your Resources

We offer experience and practical
solutions you can trust.

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Regardless of the material, our trained professionals
will ensure your security and reduce your potential
liability by treating and recycling your wastes in a cost
effective manner.

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At Midwest, we are dedicated to
providing a safe environment
for generations to come.

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Midwest Environmental Services – Protecting Your Resources

Midwest Environmental Services, Inc. is committed to offering sound environmental options for all of your industrial waste management needs. From reclamation to treatment and disposal, you can be sure our qualified staff has researched the most practical and economical method of management for your hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

  • Assisting our clients in the protection of the environment and human health
  • Employing resource recovery for your environmental wastes
  • Providing cost-effective industrial waste management solutions
  • Helping provide a clean environment for the future

Midwest Environmental Services, Inc. owns and operates a permitted RCRA hazardous waste facility and a non-hazardous industrial waste recycling facility strategically located to serve the Midwestern United States. All of our facilities and services are complemented by our ability to transport materials safely and efficiently.

Midwest also owns, operates and maintains a fleet of custom-designed and engineered trucks and other vehicles that are D.O.T. approved for safe transportation of hazardous materials.

Our chemical and technical knowledge in the environmental field is second-to-none. We would appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your industrial waste management needs and provide you with a competitive price quotation.

Midwest Environmental Services, Inc. - Protecting Your Interests