E-Manifests will soon be available for shipments

For a while the EPA and other stakeholders have sought to transform the hazardous waste manifest system from its current paper-based approach to one that takes greater advantage of electronic information technologies. Midwest Environmental Services generally supports the e-Manifest rationale which is aimed at adopting an electronic manifesting approach that would allow waste shipments to be tracked electronically, thereby mitigating the burdens and inefficiencies associated with the use of paper manifest forms.

Midwest Environmental Services is currently reviewing the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act (“the Act”) signed into law by the President. The Act authorizes the EPA to establish and implement an e-Manifest System in partnership with industry and the states by 2015. The Act also requires EPA to adopt an e-Manifest regulation authorizing e-Manifests that are created and transmitted through the use of the e-Manifest System by October 5, 2013.

The scope of the e-Manifest will extend to all federally and state regulated wastes that require a manifest; use of e-Manifest, however, is optional to users.

To learn more about the new e-Manifest option please contact the Hamilton Ohio office at 513-681-9990.