Aqueous Parts Washers Could Be Hazardous Waste

Midwest Environmental Services understands that the use of an aqueous parts washer could save you money, as well as time. It also may result in limiting employee exposure to harmful chemicals.

Aqueous parts washers sometimes use cleaning agents which rely more on physical mechanisms such as agitation and heating, to get parts clean. There will be environmental advantages when you are able to use less toxic cleaning agents. Although some water-based parts washers may not contain solvents, Midwest Environmental Services will carefully evaluate each waste stream to determine if it should be classified as a hazardous waste.

EPA waste evaluation requirements pertain to every waste stream generated by your business, including waste generated from aqueous parts washers. When evaluating waste from your parts washer, you must consider the cleaning agent used as well as the material being cleaned from the part. Midwest Environmental Services can help you make the right decision to keep your business safe and compliant.

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