Plant Closure Services

Pending plant closures create difficult circumstances for management. Environmental concerns can detract from other critical business decisions. Midwest Environmental Services, Inc. not only provides a myriad of professional services to assist you during plant shutdown, we also provide valuable guidance to assist with complicated decisions related to environmental issues.

As with any project, contacting Midwest Environmental Services early in the process will offer potentially cost-saving guidance and advice regarding appropriate measures necessary to address immediate and long-term environmental issues. Pre-closure issues will likely include planning, scoping, budgeting, and property divestiture.

Our Plant Closure Services include:

  • Environmental Consulting Services to assure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and policies during plant closure;
  • Assistance with Permit Termination and/or Transfer requirements;
  • Hazardous Waste Management, including containment, containerization, transportation, treatment and disposal, and Hazardous Waste Management Unit Closure and Certification;
  • Management of Solid Wastes and Wastewaters through our network of preferred disposal and waste treatment companies;
  • Chemical Waste Lab-Packs to address laboratory chemicals and off-spec or expired chemical products;
  • Resource Recovery for materials that can be reclaimed or recycled;
  • Industrial Cleaning and Decontamination of chemical process and waste handling areas, including areas where hazardous substances were stored or potentially released;
  • Asbestos and Hazardous Substances Abatement, Removal, Surveys and/or Assessments;
  • Confined Space Entry and 24-hour Emergency Spill Response Services;
  • Salvage, Dismantlement, and/or Demolition of plant facilities, structures, and/or equipment;
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Environmental Due Diligence to address immediate environmental concerns or conditions, and assess possible releases of hazardous substances to help quantify potential long-term environmental liabilities;
  • Small to Large-scale Environmental Remediation to help assure mitigation of environmental liabilities and improve the prospect for divestiture of the property; and
  • Safety and Risk-Management assessment.

Midwest Environmental Services, Inc. has provided professional environmental services to industry for over 30-years. We are available to serve you, and look forward to providing any needed services to assist your company with the successful achievement of its objectives. We’ll show you what a difference the right selection can make.

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