By-Products & Off Specification Products

Midwest Environmental Services innovative Recycling Program includes Byproducts and Off Specification Products as an alternative to waste disposal.

Byproducts and Off Specification Products may be considered waste if unintentionally generated, not the primary product or not fit for a desired end use without substantial further processing. Midwest Environmental Services has developed a Recycling Program which will evaluate these materials and determine the best recycling option specific to your situation.

Our Byproducts & Off Specification Recycling Programs specializes in Fuels Blending – Energy Recovery of high and low Btu organic materials. These materials are blended and chemically treated to produce a product which may be used in a fuel application to lower raw material costs. The wide variety of uses reduces environmental impact and creates a zero landfill strategy.

To learn more about our Byproducts & Off Specification Recycling program contact Midwest Environmental Services online for more information, or call 513-681-9990.