Asphalt Blend Fuel

Sustainability is a focal point in every business model which compels companies to seek out the most effective recycling option. Midwest Environmental Services fully appreciates the challenge businesses face in their effort to go green, which is why our expansive recycling program includes an Asphalt Blend Fuel Product.

Midwest Environmental Service’s Asphalt Fuel Program utilizes high BTU materials from byproduct sources and used oils from industrial sources to create a high- quality, energy-efficient, on specification recycled fuel for use in the asphalt industry. Our Asphalt Blend Fuel provides an important alternative to burning virgin fuel oil, conserves natural resources, and reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Our Asphalt Blend Fuel is blended to your specific requirements at our facility and undergoes extensive quality control analysis to ensure it meets the specification for your facility.

Midwest operates an on-site laboratory which is capable of analyzing fuels to ensure regulatory compliance. Midwest will provide lab analysis to verify used oil meets on specification requirements as determined by US EPA 40 CFR part 279 Used Oil Regulations.

To learn more about recycling Asphalt Blend Fuel, contact Midwest Environmental Services online or call 513-681-9990.