Midwest Environmental Services is using automation to respond to equipment and process outages

Midwest Environmental Services believes this downtime whether unforeseen or scheduled cost our clients loss of production time which affects the bottom line. Businesses are goal oriented organizations that prioritize profit, safety, and compliance. At Midwest Environmental Services we understand these priorities and have aligned ourselves to help achieve these goals.

Cleaning in atmospheres like Confined Space Entry, Lockout/Tagout, and when working in limited spaces with low lighting are all extremely high risk work spaces for your employees and contractors. Midwest Environmental Services has the experience and expertise to manage these hazards and will utilize advances in automated Hydroblasting Water Technology as one effective tool to get the job done.

Plastic reactors, cyclones, and irregular shaped tanks can be very difficult to access and clean. With Midwest Environmental Services the cleaning process can be completed safely without confined space entry, more efficiently by having mechanical methods, and the project is completed quicker leading to less cost and less time for your production to be down.

To learn more about reducing your down time due to scheduled maintenance, emergency situations or equipment cleaning please contact Midwest Environmental Services at 513-681-9990.